How You Can Use the “Create Job Kit from Invoice” Button in the Invoice Repair Order

The purpose of this document is to learn how you can utilise the Create Job Kit from Invoice button in your business to help you stream line your process of doing invoices.

The button will help in creating job codes for you when you are always using the same labour line and you are adding the parts manually. 


  • Go to Workshop - Invoice/Repair Order - Invoice/Repair Order (Vehicle)

       Note: When you are in your invoice repair order and you are entering your labour and parts you have the option of creating what we call a Job Kit from that invoice straight away.


  • Find the Invoice and Go to Options tab
  • Click  Create Job Kit from Invoice button
  • Click on Yes
  • Job Code Kit Creation screen will appear for you
  • Enter Item Code - Can be a number or a mix of numbers and characters
  • Enter in a Description– what is the name of this new job code
  • Check your Parts that go with this new job code and add more if required
  • Go into the Item Code  field
  • F4 to search
  • And the Parts you want to be a part of this
  • Add your RO Comments and Comments
  • Click OK 
  • Check the Job Codes in Workshop - Job Codes
        Note: you will see your new job code created for you
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