How to Use the Printed Barcodes OR the Referance number to find your Saved Transaction/Invoice

The purpose of this guide is to show you how you can use the barcodes or the Reference numbers that are printed on your quotes, invoice and all other kinds of transactions to recall it in the system. Below are a few examples of where to find these;


Once you have created any type of Parts Invoice, Pick Slip, Booking/RO, Invoice or Quote and saved it, if you then printed it, you can recall it following this process.

NOTE: the same concept applies for any of the above types of transactions but we will use a Booking/RO as an example. It will also work without a barcode scanner and simply typing the Ref No. (which is the barcode number).


1. Locate the Barcode on your Print Out




2. Go to the screen in which the transaction was created. 

eg. Workshop - Invoice/Repair Order -Invoice Repair Order (Vehicle)




3. On the first field of this screen scan your Barcode




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