How to Give a Discount On An Invoice For One Item Line?

The purpose if this document is to show you a quick tip on how you can provide a discount on an invoice for a single line item. Before you finalise an invoice you have the option of putting a discount on any of the listed line items for the customer. For example 5%-10% and so on.


  • Within any Parts or Workshop Invoice/RO - Select the Item line that you would like to provide a discount on 
  • Go to the Unit Price
  • Click ALT D and you will see the Item Discount Screen

  •  Enter in the discount you would like to give the customer 
  •   Click OK
Note: Once you have processed the discount and you have tab through the item line you will see the total invoice amount also changes for you. 
You can use this great function in both invoice repair order and also parts invoicing.
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