How to do a Workshop Invoice Repair Order (Vehicle)

The purpose of this document is to learn how to do an Invoice Repair Order correctly in your Autosoft system. 

This guide has been broken up into 8 Steps you can follow as applicable. 


1. Find the Booking/RO Job you need to finish or Start Creating the Invoice/RO from Scratch

    • Go to Workshop - Job Centre OR  Recall Invoice, find and select the job you want t finish



    • Go to Workshop- Invoice /Repair Order Invoice/Repair Order ( Vehicle) 8.jpg
    • Select the Existing Rego or Add New Vehicle and enter the Customer and Rego Details.
    • Change the Type to Invoice

2. Add/Check the mechanic hours

  • Highlight the Labour Line in the Jobs/Parts tab
  • Go to 6 Hours tab
  • Check the Mechanic Clock On/Clock off times OR Enter them manually;           
  • Code - Mechanic that worked on the job
  • Date - When the job was done
  • Begin Time - time the job was started
  • End Time    - time the job was finished
  • Hours  - automatically added for you   
If you want to use the Clock On/Clock off feature - see this guide
  • Go back to Job/Parts tab and you will see the the total hours reflected on the MechHrs Column





3. Check the Charge hours on the Labour

  • Change the Qty field- this reflects the total hours that need to be charged to the customer 

4. To add or enter any other Labour 

  • Go to Item field and F4 to search
  • Select labour from the Type
  • Find the labour line you want to use
  • Click OK or Enter on your keyboard

5. Add on any Parts

  • Go to Item field and F4 to search
  • Select Parts from the Type
  • Find the labour line you want to use
  • Click OK or Enter on your keyboard




6. Enter your Notes or Story on the Labour or Parts 

  • Highlight the Labour line
  • Go to Notes tab
  • Type in your story either in
    • Invoice Item Notes field -these notes will appear underneath the labour line
    • Invoice Notes/Future Worked Required -notes will appear at the bottom of the invoice

7. Enter any additional Vehicle Details 

  • Go to the details on the vehicle tab
  • VIN Number
  • Engine Number
  • Model Code

8. Print & Close OR Finalise the Invoice

  • Account Customer -click on Finalise
          Note: this will print the invoice and will put it into the Debtor Master File as an outstanding amount.
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