How to Invoice in a Sublet Creditor Invoice and Process a Sublet to a Job

 The purpose of this document is to explain what a sublet is and how to process them.

A Sublet is any Repairs&/OR Parts you need to Outsource from other Workshops or businesses on behalf of your customer. This may be for a variety of scenarios and this guide will show you how to Invoice it in from the Creditor and then out to your Debtor customer. 


This is composed of 4 parts which include creating a Sublet for Job Code, adding the Sublet Job Code to Invoice Repair Order, adding Sublet to a Creditor Invoice and Keeping Track of Unallocated Sublets.


1. Creating a Sublet as a Job Code

  • Go to WorkshopJob codes 
  • Make sure you have a Job Code (SUBLET) Description
           -Example Description: SUBLET REPAIRS
           -Category: 2- All Workshop Jobs
           -Group: WORKSHOP SUBLET
           -Job or Sublet: SUBLET REPAIR 
  •  Add your comments in to Ro Comments or Invoice Comments (optional)
  • Go back to the Job Code and F2 to save








2. Creditor Invoicing in Adding Sublet Parts/Repairs

   Note: You have the ability to assign a Sublet Repair and its cost to an open or closed Repair Order /Workshop invoice. The system will automatically adjust the general ledger if the invoice is processed and the sublet cost has changed.

  • Go to AccountsCreditorsCreditor Invoice
  • Find the Creditor you are creating the invoice for
  • Enter in the Reference ( Invoice #)
  • Enter in your Reference Date
  • Enter Invoice Amount
  • Enter Date Posted 
  • With your cursor in the Item Code field you need to click on Add Sublet in the Parts Tab
  •  RO Number - Find the Repair Order by clicking on the ellipsis or press F4.  If the Repair Order is already closed, find the RO by clicking on the Select Closed RO button.
  •  Existing Sublet - Select the sublet that has already been added to the RO.
  •  Sublet Item - Select a sublet to add to the RO.
  •  Sublet Description - Enter the description of the sublet, if required.
  •  Cost Ex - Enter the cost of the sublet repair.
  •  Markup % - Enter the markup percentage.
  •  Sell Price Ex - Enter the sell price.  If you have entered a Markup % and Cost, the system will calculate the Sell Price for you.
  •  Click OK
 Note: This will apply the sublet straight to the creditor invoice
  • Click on Process once the total matches with Total and the Difference is $0.00 

3. Adding/Checking the Sublet Charges on the Customers Invoice/RO

If you have not yet Finalised the invoice to the Customer(If you have and selected a Closed RO in the previous Step you can skip this);

  • Bring up the customers Invoice Repair Order you are working on
  • The sublet will have added to the invoice, double check it is at the price you want to resell it to the customer at
  • Finalise Invoice as normal.



4. Keeping Track of Unallocated Sublets

All Customers Invoice/ROs where a Creditor Invoice has not yet been allocated against it, (therefore the cost of the Sublet may not have been calculated) will show in this screen. 

  • Go to Workshop - Unallocated Sublet Repairs


  • If they are unallocated because you haven't recieved your Creditor Invoice yet, follow Step 2 when it does arrive
  • If they are unallocated due to you Processing the Creditor Invoice without following step 2, you can either;
    • Credit the Creditor Invoice so you can reprocess it correctly (Recommended option - see this guide on how to Credit a Creditor Inv


    • Click Mark as Allocated to manually mark them allocated (if you are sure you GL accounts will still align by doing this) 



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