How to Add a New Mechanic and or Make a Mechanic Inactive

The purpose of this document is to learn how to create new mechanics in your Autosoft system and also how to make a mechanic inactive if a mechanic has left your business.


This is a 2 process document which includes adding a new mechanic and making current mechanic inactive.


1. Adding a new mechanic


  • Go to WorkshopMechanic Master File 


  • Give the new mechanic a Code
  •  Enter in the Name of the Mechanic
  • Provided Address details if need be


  • Go to Options tab
  • Add Cost per Hour
  • Add additional Notes about the mechanic - this could be anything that is important about the mechanic
  • Go back to the Code field
  • F2 save in the field

2. Making a current mechanic inactive


  • Go to WorkshopMechanic Master File 
  • Click F4 In the Code field
  • Search and find the Mechanic that you need to make inactive
  • Click Enter on your keyboard and the mechanic will appear in the Mechanic View screen for you 
  • In the Options tab tick Inactive 
  •  Now go back to the Code field and F2 save and that mechanic will be made inactive
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