How to Use POS Short Cut Keys to Process a Payment Quickly and Easily

The purpose if this document is to learn how you can use our great short cut keys in the POS screen when you are dealing with a cash sale.


Follow the simple steps below to save time when processing POS payment:

  • Click Recall Invoice to open your Invoice Repair Order 
  • Click Finalise once customer is happy with the cost of job
Note: For cash customer, the POS screen will appear  You will see payment methods like, cash, eftpos, visa, master card etc. You will also see that each payment method has a number next to it
  • Tab through the Payment Method that is being used
  • Use ALT for the short cut key plus the number that is sitting next to the payment method. Example Eftpos would be ALT 2
Note:Once you use this short cut you will see the total amount will populate for in that field. The Amount tendered and the Invoice amount will be the same
  • Click on OK
  • For customers paying part cash and part Eftpos:
    • Type in the Cash amount into the Cash field
    • Tab through to the Eftpos field by pressing Alt 2 
Note: This will populate the remainder you need to process through the eftpos machine. 
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