How You Can Use the Calculator In Your Autosoft System

The purpose of this document is to show how you can use the calculator in your Autosoft system when doing invoicing or anything that requires calculation. This feature can be very useful in many transactions in Autosoft like making an invoice repair order and computing for ex gst or incl gst values.


Below are the simple steps on how to use the calculator feature in Autosoft.

  • In any Invoice/RO screen - click in the Unit Price field

  • Click CTRL L  on your keyboard to bring up calculator  
  • As an example if you want to add GST you can click on GST+ and the price will change for you
  • Click on Close & Paste so the new figure will appear in that field for you 
Note: You can do this with as many lines as you like and this short cut for the calculator can be used for any invoicing you do in the system, could be creditor invoices, parts invoicing and so on. 
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