How to Create a Job Code Kit

The purpose of this document is to show how to create kits as part of your job code. 

There are 2 types of Kits in Autosoft as they function differently. 

Part Kits - This type of kit can be added to a Parts or Workshop Invoices/ROs and will take the stock quantity of the included parts off as soon as the kit is built.  For the Guide on this type of kit click here;

Job Code Kits - This type of kit can only be used on Workshop Invoices/ROs and do not take off the stock quantity until the kit is invoiced out. This guide shows you how to setup this type of kit;


  • Go to WorkshopJob Codes.
  • Add a New Job Code as a Labour Line
  • Add a Kit to it, this what you need to do.
  • Enter in the Job Code, Description, Category, Group, Job Sublet, Retail Price, Charge Hours, Mechanic Hours, Job Type
  •  Go to the Kits Tab 
  •  Go to Item Code and find the part you want to add and enter in also the Qty
  •  Go back to the Job Code Field and F2 save and it will save what you have created. 


Note: As you enter in your parts in the Kits tab also the Kits box will automatically tick off for you making note that this Job code is a kit. 
If you have already added the labor and Parts to an Invoice, you can create the kit from there -  see this guide on how
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