How to Track Workshop Cleaning / Unproductive Mechanic Time

The purpose of this document is to show how to do workshop cleaning and monitoring of unproductive mechanic time. Mechanics clock on to an RO when they commence work on a particular job, and clock off when they are done. What about the time in between jobs that they may spend cleaning the workshop and their tools, packing/unpacking parts and components for the next job, or going on that smoke break between jobs?

To keep track of unproductive time or time spent not on jobs in a workshop, there needs to be an open RO for them to clock on to when they are not working on anything else. This will cover the best way to configure that RO so that this time is distinct when looking at your work in progress and costing reports for the workshop.

This is a 5 step process which include creating workshop sale type, debtor account, job code and labour invoice. It also includes mechanic clocking.


1. Create Workshop Sale Type

  • Create a new Workshop Sale Type that will represent the time in-between jobs.

            Note: This sale type will have its GL configured for the Labour component as the mechanics will be clocking on/off a specific Labour entry on the RO represented by a Job Code.

The screenshot below, I have copied the Internal workshop sale type and renamed it Internal Time Keeping, maintaining the GL entries. You may wish to assign Labour GL accounts differently to set this workshop sale-type apart from the standard Internal saletype.


  • Restart Autosoft for this saletype to become available to select in the next step.

2. Create Debtor Account

  • Create a Debtor Account that will act as the account under which the RO will be created.

Note: You can configure this account any way you want with one important option that has to be selected – the Default Sale Type on the Options tab has to be set to the Saletype we just created in Step 1. If your sale type is NOT in this list, you either haven’t restarted Autosoft yet, or you didn't save your saletype, so go back to Step 1.


Once this has been done, we are ready to create our RO to track this unproductive time for mechanics.

3. Create Job Code (OPTIONAL) 

New Job Code - this will represent the unproductive time. So long as the sale-type and debtor account are setup properly, this will not impact on the outcome and will merely provide a different label for the unproductive time on the RO to any other existing Job Codes. You can use Labour if you want as the job code, it really doesn't matter too much.

In the example below there is a job code LAB03 which I will use to put unproductive time against. It is set up to be similar to the standard Labour job code setup.



4. Create Labour Invoice

  • Start a new Workshop Repair Order – a Labour Invoice is ideal for this.
  • Enter in the Billing Name as your Debtor account created in Step 2.
  • Assign whatever Description/Description 2 is suitable
  • Fill in the header area as normal
  • In the item/labour entry area bring up your Job Code (the job code you created in step 3, or a labour job-code)
  • Ensure the Sale Type >> column refers to the workshop saletype we created in step 1. You will end up with a simple invoice like below.


  • Save this invoice.


5. Mechanics Clocking

Now the job is open, the mechanics can start clocking on/off the job as they would a normal workshop job.

  • Bring up your job in the Mechanic Times Entry and clock on as per normal
  • Clock off when the cleaning/unproductive time is over and you are ready to begin another job (If you have Allow Clock-on to Multiple Jobs option ticked in the System File)
  • Or simply clock on to the next job to automatically clock off this particular job (if you have the Allow Clock-on to Multiple Jobs option unticked in the system file)


Note: Workshop managers can open the job in the Mechanics Time Entry to see who is clocked on to this job currently, or run various reports to see the frequency of this particular job.


Mechanic Times by Date (after Clock-on)



Mechanic Work In Progress (after clock-off)



Looking back at our RO after the Mechanics have clocked on/clocked off a couple of times will yield results like this:



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