How to fix an incorrectly processed undeposited funds

The purpose of this guide is to explain how you can reverse/journal a balance difference or incorrectly processed undeposited funds deposit. 

The process on how to Process your undeposited funds is here


If a group of transactions is ticked together, this then results in a total lump sum deposit on you bank rec. If this amount was incorrect, you have to do a Journal to reverse it.

For example;

This is what I processed


This is my incorrect result



You have to do 2 OR 3 Journals to fix your mistake;

Step 1 Fix: Do a Journal to reverse the total amount of the deposit. 

e.g. This is my Journal


This is the result I can now tick as they cancel each other out and how to clear it completely 




Step 2 Fix: Do another Journal to re-deposit the amounts split but on the same Date OR do 2 separate Journals for the split amounts on separate dates.

I will do 2 Journals so I can spit it into the differing dates

E.g. My Journal 2 to put in the amount that should have been deposited on the original date


e.g My Journal 2 for the second deposit amount on a different date



My result





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