Autosoft Live System GL Accounts Alignment and Tasks Checklist

Now that you have Autosoft Installed, there are a few things you should do (if you have not done so already) to make sure your GL Accounts are in order so you can do your first Bank Reconciliation, provide the BAS and Balance Sheet reports to you accountant then finally finish off any other journals they may advise you to do.

1. Reports you need from your previous System;

•Debtor Total Balances Summary up to the end of trade in previous system
•Creditor Total Balances Summary
•GL Balance Sheet- check with your accountant what entries will need to be carried over to Autosoft.We also have a chartered accountant here at Autosoft, if you would like more info on this service please give us a call.

2. Enter your Opening Balances into Autosoft via Initial Entry;

Debtors –These are your Account Customer Outstanding Balances and should be done first as after Go live, if account customers come in-you need to have there balance in AS in order to make their Payments

Creditors - These are your Supplier Outstanding balances. Try and pay as many as you can before change over so there are less balances to enter. They can be done as you go e.g When you get a Creditor Invoice, go to initial Entry and add your current owing balance to that supplier.
GL Accounts  - These are your GL Account Balances from your previous systems Balance Sheet. Once you have been advised by your accountant as to what balances and the Debit/Credit Amounts that need to be entered, you then need to do journal Initial Entries anytime before the end of your first month but will have to be done before you can do your Bank Recs and any GL Reports.

The guide on how to do the above is available here

3. End Of Month & BAS tasks
Once you have completed the above, you can now do your End of Month and BAS tasks
The guide on this is here
4. Provide Reports to Accountant to Check
Provide your accountant your previous system Balance Sheet and the Autosoft BAS Reports & Trial Balance report to double check all the above has been done correctly. They may advise you to enter some further Journals to align the amounts before finally lodging your BAS. They definitely have to journal all the values sitting in the 9000 Initial Entry Holding Account - see this guide for info
We also have a chartered accountant here at autosoft, if you would like more info on this service please give us a call.
Please feel free to call us at any stage at all if you need assistance as we are here to help 02 9979 6090. 
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