How to Setup Prefilled Journals For Frequent Use as Standing Journals

The process of this guide is to show you how to setup Standing Journals which are saved journal entries that you use frequently.

Note: you must be logged in as a ‘SETUP-PRO’ or user with correct security to have access to this area.


This document is divided into 2 parts; Setting up all Journals needed as Standing Journals and on how to use the Standing Journal.


1. Setting Up all Journals needed as Standing Journals

  •  Go to General Ledger – Standing Journal Set-Up


  • Create the entries that are required as a Standing Journal
  • Enter all the Details and select GL Accounts with the applicable amounts required for the Journal. 



2. To use the Standing Journal

  • Go To General Ledger - Journal Entry
  • Fill in your Journal Header information as per normal
    • Description
    • Reference
    • Notes
    • Entered/Post Dates
  • Select the ‘Standing Journal’ button
  • Select your Standing Journal from the list of available Standing Journals



  • This will bring Up all the details as entered in the Standing Journal Setup, you can edit the details/amounts if necessary then Post
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