How to Open and Close Posting Months in the Calendar

The purpose of this document is so that you can learn how you can turn certain months on and off in the system so that you can back date any invoices or payments if needed or stop any invoices and payment going through to a months that already been closed off. 


To turn certain months on and off on the calendar, just follow the process below:


  1. Go to General LedgerMaintenanceGL System Calendar
2. To open a certain month to back date a transaction or an invoice
  • Find the month you want to open and un tick it.
  • F2 to save and you can go back into the transaction or invoice and change the date. 
3.To close off a month because all your end of months accounts have been done and you don’t want any more transactions or invoices going through to that month
  • Go into the system calendar
  • Find the month you want to close off
  • Tick in the Closed column
  • Press F2 to Save and that month will be closed. 
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