How to Create More GL Departments in Your Autosoft

The purpose of this document is to learn how you can create more departments in your Autosoft if you want to keep a track of how each part of your business is running. 


This is a 3 part process which includes creating a new Department ,making a new General Ledger Account and a creating a new Workshop Sale Types


  1. Create the New Department
  • Go to General LedgerMaintenanceGL Departments 
  • Add the new department that you need 
2. Create Separate General Ledger Accounts
  • Go to General LedgerGeneral Ledger Accounts 


  • Click F4 in the Account field and see what number you want to give to the new code
  • Enter the new code into the Account field
  • In the Department field  F4 to search and find the new department you created that you want to assign
  • Add in the Description of the new general ledger code
  •  In the Details tab you need to add in the following:
    • Type
    • Positive Sign
    • GL Group
    • P & L Group
    • GST Type
    • Control Type



  • Go back to the Account field and click on F2 to save the new general ledger code ( 1 department per one General Ledger Code)




3. Create Workshop Sales Type


  • Go to WorkshopWorkshop Sales Types 


  • Type in the Description
  • Choose your Labour Category
  • Choose your Type
  • Add the Hourly Rate
  • Enter in the General Ledger Codes for each area
    •  Labour
    •  Parts
    •  Consumables
    • Sublets
    • Expenses Account (Internal/Warranty
Note:Every single area must have a code in it if it does not it will not work for you and you will get an error message





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