How to Create More Bank Accounts in Autosoft

The purpose of this document is learn how to create a new bank account, example a credit card or a new bank account all together. The process below shows you how you need to do this in your Autosoft system.

 This is a 2 part process which includes creating a new General Ledger code and creating the Bank Account.

  1. Create a New General Ledger Code
  • Go to General LedgerGeneral Ledger Accounts 
  • Bring up a bank account you already have in your system
  • .If you like the way that the setup is (Type, Positive Sign, GL Group and so on)
  • Go to the Account field and click on F5 on your keyboard. This will clear the code out but it will not change the Details tab in anyway
  •  Type in a New Code you want to put for this new bank account
  • Enter the Description
  • Go back to the Account field and F2 save and it will save the new code for you in the list
Note: If you like you can check that its added by clicking on the ellipsis of the Account field and check to see if its listed
2. Create the Bank Account
  • Go to General LedgerBanking Bank ReconciliationBank Accounts 
  • Put in the Description of the new bank account you are creating
  • Add in the Bank Name, Bank Account, Bank BSB, Cheque Number 
  •  In the General Ledger field you need to find the new Account code you created
  • Go back to the Description field and F2 save
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    Clint Curran

    I found this very helpful.

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    Very useful. Although this may help to be apart of the going live steps.


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