Dealership Expenses - Reporting on Notional Input Tax, Rego Due and how to Process their Payments

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to Report on Finance and other Amounts you may owe as a company after the Sale of a Vehicle. This is part of a series of dealership guides available here


This Guide has 2 Parts you can use as applicable -  Reporting and Paying Notional Input Tax & Reporting on Vehicles which need their Rego Renewed 




1. Reporting and Paying Notional Input Tax 

  • Go to Reports Console - Vehicles -Notional Input Tax


Pay via a Non Creditor Payment



2. Reporting on Vehicles which need their Rego Renewed 

  • Go to Reports Console - Vehicles-Registration Due




 Once you have bought the rego, you would then process the RTA Creditor Invoice


Then Process the RTA Creditor Payment 



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