How to Track Transactions and the General Ledgers They Used

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to track ALL types of transactions using the Ref: of the transaction. 

This is a 2 Part Process  which includes finding the reference number and tracing the transaction on the report console.

 1. Finding the Reference Number of the Transaction. 

There are a Few Different Ways to find a Transaction Reference Number depending on the type of transaction and how much information you have.  

  • If you have a copy of the Print out, there is a Reference number on all transactions whether they be an invoice, journal or payment.

1.png  OR  3.png OR 2.png


  • Another way is to go to the Debtor, Creditor or Stock Master File Query tab and Run a History Query to find it. For example; we want to see how a Debtor Workshop Invoice was processed:
    • Go to  Accounts -  Debtors - Debtor Master File


    •  Search and select Debtor – Query Tab – 1 Debtor History


This then shows the Transaction in the list of records for the Debtor. 

  •  There is also a function called Transaction Finder. Press CRLT + T on your Keyboard or Go to Parts - Invoicing - Transaction Finder. Enter your search criteria





2. Then to follow the Transaction GL processing

  •  Go to Report Console – General Ledger – Transaction Individual 
  •  Enter the Ref number of the transaction you are investigating and Run



  • The specific transaction that you are looking for will show on your screen


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