How to Export a Report to Excel or Other Formats

The purpose of this document is to guide you on how to export certain reports to different formats including excel. NOTE: Exporting may not be available on some reports as the layout may not be compatible with different formats on Excel. 

  1. Go to Reports - Report Console Select the Report you need information from 
  2. Select filters or Other Options required – Run
  3. Click on the Export Icon
 For example, I have run the Stock Value Report but you can run any other report needed and your will have the export button. 
3. Drop down the list under Format and choose your required format – i.e Microsoft Excell 97-2000 (XLS)
4. Leave the destination as Disk File and select OK
5. Select your Export Format Options (if you are not sure the default setting is usually fine) then OK
6. Choose where you wish to save the file and the name of the file then OK
7. You have now successfully exported your report
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