How to Enter a Creditor Invoice When GST isn't 10%

The purpose of this document is to show how to enter in a creditor invoice from a supplier with the GST isn't 10%.

  • Go to Accounts> Creditors> Creditor invoice 



  • F4 to select Supplier 
  • Enter in Invoice Number 
  • Enter in Amount minus the GST
  • GST type - NON GST 



  • Select Import Costing


  • Enter The Supplier
  • Enter GST amount in Handling 
  • Select OK
  • Process Creditor invoice 

Note : To have a look at this creditor invoice please go to Accounts> Creditors> Creditor Master file. F4 to select creditor > Go to Queries tab > Debtor History. You will see 2 invoices one the amount minus GST and the other the GST amount only.  

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