How to Reconcile and Pay your Suppliers through Capricorn

The Purpose of this guide is to explain how you can look at all the invoices you have outstanding from all the suppliers you can pay through capricorn.


  • Accounts -  Creditors  - Creditor Payments
  • Select your Capricorn Creditor
  • Select the Bank Account you will be paying the amount from
  • Enter the total Amount you have to pay (as appears on your Capricorn Statement) 



  • Select OK 
  • This will bring in all outstanding Creditor invoices that are being paid via Capricorn. Tick to reconcile then as you find them on your capricorn Statement. 
  • If all your Creditor Invoices were entered in Autosoft and you have matched them to your Statement, then once your balance is $0.00 you have reconciled  


  • Process the payment as per normal, and the balances for the Creditor records involved will be adjusted accordingly.
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