How to do a Creditor Payment

The purpose of this guide is to explain how to make a Payment to your Creditor Suppliers.
To Report of How Much you Owe your Creditors
  • Go to Reports Console - Account - Debtor/Creditor Trial Balance
  • Select the As at Date you want to see the balances up until - Run


To Make the Creditor Payment

  • Go to Accounts - Creditors - Creditor Payments
  • Search and Select your Creditor 
  • Select the Bank Name = the bank account which this money coming out from (and the Bank Reconciliation will show the payment on)
  • Cheque/EFT Number = If you are paying it by cheque, enter the Cheque Number, If you have already made the Payment via Bpay or Direct Deposit enter the Reference Number or otherwise TAB through and this will auto-generate a number for you.
  • EFT Payment (export to online banking) = if you are going to pay the payee using Direct Payment or Bpay options in your bank account, then tick this option so you can export the payment information from Autosoft to a txt file so you can import it into your online banking
  • Enter the Date Posted = the date in which the transaction is being made and will go out of you bank account
  • Enter the Amount you are Paying
  • Enter in some notes if need be about the payment 
If you wish to make your payments via online banking- see this guide on how to export to online banking
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