How to Enter the Creditor Invoice Amount Cost Including GST

The purpose of this guide is to show you how you can set a supplier up to be able to enter the Amount including GST as different supplier invoices display differently therefore this option is to match the supplier.

This process has been broken up into 2 Parts – Creditor Setup and Invoicing

Part 1 – Creditor Setup                                                                                                                                          

If a particular Creditor always supplies their Invoices to you with the total line Amount Including GST, then you can set this to the Creditor

  • Go to Accounts – Creditor – Creditor Master File
  • Search and Select the Creditor of which Invoice Lines   include GST      
  • Options- Price Includes GST – Select dropdown for Yes                                       


  • F2 to Save

Part 2 – Creditor Invoicing Including GST

When doing the Creditor Invoice you can then Enter the Inc GST cost in the Amount field


  • Go to Accounts – Creditor – Creditor Invoice
  • Enter your Invoice Details as normal
  • Add your part to the invoice and you can now enter the total Line Amount inclusive of GST


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