Creditor Invoice Freight Options

The purpose of this document is to learn the options on adding Freight to your creditor invoices depending on how you wish it to be recorded and if it is GST inclusive.

  • Go to AccountsCreditorsCreditor Invoice - Select your Supplier & Enter your Invoice details as usual
  • Add the freight depending on the following options;
            1. GST inclusive on Freight and charges tracked on the default General Ledger Freight Account
            2. Freight that needs to be traceable to your GL C.O.S Parts Inventory account and can be set to GST or GST Free
  • Create a part called “Freight” and in the Stock Master File make sure you have the option ticked – ‘Don’t Update Qty’. If you want it to exclude GST- also tick the option 'GST Free'
  • Add Part to your Invoice
  • Process your Invoice. You can then also charge this same freight line to Customer Invoices 
  • You can then go to the Reports Console- Sales - Item Sales Report to see the overall costs and Sales of Freight setup this way Item_Sales_Report.png
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