How to Receive a Creditor Refund or Credit without an Original Invoice

The purpose of this document is to learn how to do a refund in your Autosoft system for when a creditor has sent you a refund for something that is not related to an Invoice you have received in.

This Process has been broken up into 2 Parts - Processing the Credit Invoice and Journaling the Refund Amount


Part 1 - Processing the Credit Invoice

  • Go to AccountsCreditorsCreditor Invoice 
  • Search and Select the Supplier - Enter the Invoice Details - Change the Type to Credit
  • Add in the Part being Credited OR Go to the General Ledger Expense tab and select the GL Account to be credited
  • Continue adding any other details and Process
Part 2 - Journaling the Refund Amount
  • Go to General LedgerJournal Entry 
  • Enter in the Description (could be refund) - add in the Post Date - add any Journal Notes as necessary
  • Select the General Ledger Account for Creditors – you will also need to tab through to the Debtor/Creditor field and F4 to search and find the creditor account this belongs to 
  • The next line will be the Bank Account which the Refund will go through to
  •  Once the amounts match you can click on POST 
  • Once the Journal is done you will see the total in the bank rec and also it will offset the Credit on the Creditor Master File
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