Exporting Autosoft To Workshop Software

The purpose of the following article is to show you a step by step process in regards to exporting your data from Autosoft for the move to Workshop Software.

1) Contact Workshop Software sales. They will provide you with a program called "WSExporter.exe" and WSBodyTypes.ini

2) Install these 2 files in Autosoft5/Programs

3) Run WSExporter.exe, choose your database and press "OK"

This will log you into the program.

4) Next, you will need to choose a folder to save the files in, and press ok to save this folder. 

5) From this point, you will export the files from your database:

  • Export Customers: press to export your customers
  • Export Suppliers: press to export your Suppliers
  • Export Products: press to export your products (excluding job kits)
  • Export Vehicle History Header: Press this button to export your transaction history headers (not required)
  • Export Vehicle History Lines: Press this button to export you transaction history lines (not required)

6) Next, we need to export the vehicles. We need to firstly make sure that the Body Types in your Autosoft match the Body Types in Workshop Software. You can do this 2 ways:

  • Press "Update Body Types"; or
  • Press "Export Vehicles"

Note: the "Export Vehicles" process does this during the exporting process.

If the body type matches, the description will be changed automatically to the Workshop Software code for the body type, ready for the export.

ANY BODY TYPE THAT CANNOT BE MATCHED will come up in a word document on your screen.

If you get this document, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into Autosoft
  2. Go to Utilities - System Setup - Code Type Setup
  3. Select Body Types
  4. Change the DESCRIPTION of the body type to the corresponding CODE in this document:
  5. Click the next line in the grid to save
  6. Once all have been updated, run the "Update Body Types" again until all have matched.

If they all match, it will say "Body Types Match!" If you ran this through the Export Vehicles, the export will continue.

If you ran "Update Body Types", then press "Export Vehicles" and the process will continue to export the vehicles

7) To do the kits, firstly, you need to press "Clean Up Kit Lines". This will clear all kit lines that are connected to products that no longer exist in your system.

Once you have run this, please do the following:

  • Export Kit/Bundle Headers: Press this button to export your job kits/bundle headers (not required)
  • Export Kit/Bundle Lines: press this button to export your job kit/bundle lines (not required)

8) Send all the files to, and we will clean these files up as best we can, and then import them into your Workshop Software.

Please note: For the history and the kits, these aren't required, but can be added into your software at any time in the future. Also note though that, if you export the Headers you MUST also export the corresponding Lines

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