The multi-part identifier "Transh.Type" could not be bound while adding an invoice to a stock order or creditor invoice

The purpose of this article is to show how to resolve this issue. The issue is that, when you add an RO to a creditor invoice or a stock order, it comes up with this error.


The reason for this is that you don't have the security privileges for the query that is run at the time the ellipsis is pressed. To get the privileges, please follow these details:

1) Go to security - Security Maintenance

2) Go to the "Users" Tab

3) Find the user you are logged in as 

4) Take note of the Group name on the RIGHT hand side.

5) Go to the Groups tab

6) Find the group you noted down in step 4 on the left hand side

7) Click on the "Queries" tab

8) Find the query "Invoices for Creditor Invoice"

9) Make sure this box is TICKED

10) Reboot Autosoft


Please note: you will need to do this for ALL users by going into each group one at a time.

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